After 5 years, 4E Standby Power Annex formally concluded in May 2014, with the Annex on Electronic Devices and Networks (EDNA) providing a sharper focus on the issue of network standby.

This 4E Standby Annex website will provide an on-going reference for policy makers, industry and other parties, giving access to all the reports and research undertaken by the Annex, while new work will be recorded on the EDNA website.


Achievements of the 4E Standby Power Annex, 2009-2014


The governments of Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Korrea, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA joined together under the 4E Standby Power Annex to:

Monitor and report the extent of, and changes in, energy consumption by electrical appliances in low-power modes (standby power); and support the development of policies which seek to minimise excessive energy consumption by products in standby power modes.

In undertaking this mission, the Annex delivered:

  • 44 publications, including 32 reports, 9 policy briefs
  • 11 editions of the Load Down newsletter
  • 7 Workshops/Conference
  • Collaborations with APP, APEC, SELINA, IEA and SEAD


The initial focus of the Annex included standby power in stand-alone products, data collection, and the development  of horizontal policy and evaluation tools.  The Annex's later work on network standby has bought attention to the need to expand energy efficiency efforts beyond simple standby into the new, more complex areas of networks.


Major Annex achievements include:


  • The international alignment of data collection methodologies, providing policy makers with baseline information and a tool which can assist in the design, monitoring and evaluation of different policy approaches.
  • Development of a Horizontal Policy Framework, establishing a framework for national policy makers to initiate effective horizontal standby power policy.
  • An international Evaluation Framework, providing an evaluation that will not only be more transparent but enable different policy approaches to be compared and contrasted.
  • Research establishing network standby as an issue in need of investigation.  This work was followed up with workshops, collaborations and publications aimed at increasing the awareness and understanding of network standby globally.
  • The joint publication with the IEA of More Data, Less Energy, the culmination of research and workshops conducted by the Annex and the IEA.  It comprehensively covers all aspects of netwrok standby and contains a call to action, recommending Governments around the globe take steps to reduce the energy waste associated with network-enabled products.
  • Policy Framework for Network Standby, providing a policy framework and action plan for establishing policies to achieve low energy networks.









The Standby Power Annex has concluded, please refer all future inquiries to

4E Electronic Devices & Networks Annex

4E Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA) 



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