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Load Down Edition 14 is now available. In this issue you will find informative articles covering: 4E broadens it horizons - Standby Power Annex ends, More Data, Less Energy: IEA/4E Publication, Policy Framework and Action plan for Networks; Policy Briefs: Secondary Functions and Networks; Power required for Functions Report, and Beyond 1 Watt: IEA/4E/ SEAD Workshop Paris 2013

Melissa Damnics IEA-4E IEA 4E Standby Power Annex

The Annex today released a new report  Beyond Network Standby: A policy framework and action plan for low energy networks.   Prepared by Lloyd Harrington and Bruce Nordman, the report offers readers a framework for policy action to reduce energy consumption in digital networks.  R...

Melissa Damnics IEA-4E IEA 4E Standby Power Annex


The Standby Power Annex has concluded, please refer all future inquiries to

4E Electronic Devices & Networks Annex

4E Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA) 



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