Standby Power Annex Policy Briefs

The following documents summarise the research and analysis undertaken within the 4E Standby Annex.  These provide an overview of the major findings and recommendations for policy makers. To view briefings that are available in languages other than English including those from other Annexes click here


All policy briefs are made freely available and may be distributed to interested parties.  We ask that where the content is quoted, the 4E Implementing Agreement is acknowledged.



Standby Power Annex Overview (SP0) 

Provides a summary of the Annex, including
goal, aims, achievements to date and future

areas of work. 


Standby Power Global Cooperation in Action (SP1)   
This briefing highlights the positive effect that visible

concerted action by governments can have on

reducing global energy waste.





Standby Power in Televisions (SP2)


This briefing tracks the successful of 4E Annex member

governments and others in reducing the standby power

consumed by televisions.



Network Standby: Finding Solutions to Energy Waste (SP3)   
This briefing explains the topic of Network Standby and explores

how the associated energy waste can be addressed.






Measuring Success: Evaluation Methodology for Standby Power Policies (SP4)


This briefing highlights the ten step approach to evaluating standby power policies.  Developed by the Annex to encourage a better understanding of the elements that determine successful standby policies.







Tackling Standby Power Wastage with a Horizontal Policy Approach (SP5)   
This briefing explains the benefits and features of an internationally aligned horizontal policy approach to address energy wasted in standby and other low power modes.




"Basket of Products" - A global approach to measuring standby power(SP6)


This briefing explains the "Basket of Products" initiative that has resulted in the measurement of standby power in over 13,000 appliances, across 21 countries, demonstrating successful international cooperation and providing a cost effective methodology for collecting and sharing large amounts of data.






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