International Standby Workshop - Austria, March 2010

The APP/IEA/SELINA International Standby Workshop was held on 2 March 2010 in Vienna. Presentations are now available. Workshop Recommendations are open for comment until 31 March 2010 to either Melissa Damnics or Carlos Patrao.

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In early March 2010, 30 participants from 19 countries met in Vienna, Austria, to discuss a wide range of programs and policies to quantify and reduce standby power consumption.  The one day workshop, that involved standby practitioners, industry representatives, technical experts and government representatives from around the world, shared information on current standby activities and agreed on the need for close cooperation and continued sharing of information and collection methodologies at a national, regional and global level.


There were a total of 12 presentations at the workshop on various aspects of standby power ranging from measurement approaches, industry perspectives, on line databases, assessment tools, netowrk standby, European and Swiss regulations on standby and the need for monitoring, evaluation and survellance.


The full program, workshop reccomendations and all presentations are available for download from the energyrating website



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