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APP - Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

APEC - Energy Working Group

CEM - Clean Energy Ministerial

IEA - International Energy Agency 

EU - EcoDesign Project on Network Standby (Lot 26)

EU -  Ecodesign of Energy-Using Products (EuP)

EU -  Energy Star - European Energy Star Label

EU - Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

SEAD - Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative 

Selina IEE Project - Link - click here

US EPA - Standby Power: Link - click here




Guiding Principles for Energy Efficiency in Networked Products: Link - click here

IEA - One Watt Plan: Link - click here 
IEA - Summary of Standby Policies: Link - click here
IEA - Things that Go Blip in the Night: Link - click here

EU - Regulation on Standby Power: Download file - click here

EU - Impact Assessment on Standby and Off Mode Regulation: Download file - click here 
Korea - Standby 2010, 1 Watt Plan: Download file - click here
Korea - Standards and Labelling: Download file - click here


Conferences and Workshops


2013 March Network Standby - Towards a Policy FrameworkToronto, Canada

2012 May Network Standby: Data Collection, Mehodology & Policy Development Workshop

Stockholm Sweden.

2010 October APEC/APP/4E Conference Tokyo, Japan.

- Moving Towards 1 Watt and Beyond, Conference Proceedings.

- Program, Papers and Presentations

2010 March 4E/APP/SELINA International Standby Power Workshop Vienna, Austria.

2008 April IEA/India - International Standby Power Conference, New Delhi, India.
2006 October IEA/APEC/Australia -I
nternational Standby Conference,  Canberra, Australia. 

2005 March IEA/Denmark - Action on 1 Watt Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2005 November IEA/Korea - Global Cooperation on 1 Watt Conference, Seoul, Korea.
2001 February IEA/Japan - International Workshop on Standby Power, Tokyo, Japan.


Participating Organisations


Australian Government programs for energy efficient appliances

Austrian Energy Efficiency - Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Canadian Office of Energy Efficiency

Danish Energy Authority

Korea Energy Management Corporation 

NL Agency - An agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

Swedish Energy Agency 

Swiss Federal Office of Energy

UK DEFRA - Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

US Energy Star - US Energy Star Label



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