Meeting and Workshop Papers






Presentation on Korean Standby Power Evaluation Study

by Dr Nam Kyun Kim (KERI)  Sydney October 2011. 

This presentation is filled with charts and graphs detailing the

results of a Korean survey investigatin standby power of exisitng

stock in households and new products in stores. The results are

compared with similar studies conducted in 2003 for households

and annually since 2008 for new products.





What has the Annex Achieved – August 2011
(3 pages). This brief report provides a summary of the history,

objectives and an evaluation of the achievements of the 4E

Standby Power Annex to date.







 4E-APP-EU Standby Workshop, Vienna March 2010
31 participants from 20 countries met inVienna,Austria, to discuss a wide

range of programs and policies to quantify and reduce standby power

consumption.  Standby practitioners, industry representatives, technical

experts and government representatives from around the world, shared

information on current standby activities and agreed on the need for

close cooperation and continued sharing of information and collection

methodologies at a national, regional and global level.  Below is a short

summary of the event or alternatively you can access the more detailed report.

 4E-APP-EU Standby Workshop, Vienna Summary Report (2 pages)


4E-APP-EU Standby Workshop, Vienna Workshop Overview

and Reccomendations Detailed Report (14 pages)




Standby Meetings, Korea, November 2009 -Meeting Outcomes Report

The delegates of two international projects that focus on reducing standby power

in appliances have agreed to work cooperatively together for the benefit of both

activities. The meetings were attended by 29 delegates and observers representing

10 countries who are members of either or both projects.




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