Standby Annex Overview

The 4E Standby Power Annex is part of the IEA Implementing Agreement for a Co-operating Programme on Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment (4E). The annex aims to provide information and tools that support the development of policies to combat the energy wasted by products in standby power modes. The key areas addressed by the annex are:

                    • Network Standby
                    • Data Collection
                    • Horizontal Policy Frame Work
                    • Standby Power Policy Evaluation

The Standby Power Annex held its first meeting in 2009 with the ambition of running a dynamic and expertly informed programme, aimed at tackling the issues associated with Standby Power.  With a broad, international membership, the Annex hoped to facilitate the coordination and alignment of approaches over a 3 year period. (Phase 1)  See What has the Annex Achieved for more details.



At the end of phase 1 the Annex felt that there were still important issues to be addressed in Horizontal policy for standby power, in tackling the issue of networked products and the continuation of data collection work.  The Annex also made a commitment to communicating both the work of the Annex and other credible groups active in the standby field.  The aim of this is to ensure the studies and previous work carried out in the area of standby power are accessible and understood by a broad range of policy makers, experts and industry specialists.  With these issues in mind, the Annex developed a work plan that includes the major deliverables listed below (Phase 2).





The Annex reiterated its desire to work closely and cooperatively with other international standby partners such as the IEA network standby project and the SEAD network standby group.  With an ambitious work plan in place it was clear that there was a role for the Annex beyond the original conclusion date and as such members endorsed an extension of the programme until 2014. 



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