Task B: Evaluation of Policies

National assessment studies which examine the impact of standby policies (or the potential impact of policies) are important tools in assisting in the development of those policies. They also help identify existing appliance standby power characteristics and trends, and complement in-store surveys of new products.


Specific activities include:

  • Develop and publish agreed guidelines on methodologies for the assessment of standby power consumption policies.
  • Encourage the use of this evaluation methodology as a standardised approach for adoption by countries around the world.
  • Dissemination of the results of national standby power studies via an open access website, workshops and other mediums, clearly identifying whether the studies are ex post or ex ante evaluations of program impacts.
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance on the evaluation of policies to Standby Annex members.
  • Undertake selected inter-country evaluations of standby policies with a view to assessing the effectiveness of different approaches.


The specific deliverables which result from this task include:

  • Publication and maintenance of an agreed evaluation methodology.
  • Collation and publication of summaries of national, regional and global studies on standby power.
  • Inter-country evaluations of standby policies (one per year).

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