The 4E Standby Annex will encompass the following key areas (Tasks) related to standby power:


A. Data related activities: Undertake data collection, data collation and analysis, information dissemination through publication of reports, organistation of workshops and seminars, provision of information to other organisations, groups and conferences;


B. Evaluation of policies: Undertake studies to assess standby power policies in force and proposed, document different approaches and assess their relevance in different market structures;


C. Horizontal policy approach: Undertake technical work which will assist in the development of a horizontal policy approach to tackle standby power for the growing number of products on the market;


D. Network products: While networking is technically a sub-element within a generalised horizontal approach to standby, it is an area of growing importance and concern, due to the number of products within this element and the magnitude of the energy related issues within networks. This task will examine the technical issues involved in network products and the potential for policies to enable effective power management.


More information for each of these Tasks can be found using the following links:


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