Phase 1 2009-2012

Standby Annex Goals and Deliverables 


The overall goal of the Standby Power Annex is:


To monitor and report the extent of, and changes in, energy consumption by electrical appliances in low-power modes (standby power); and support the development of policies which seek to minimise excessive energy consumption by products in standby power modes.


The key deliverables from the Standby Power Annex will be:


1. The development of methodologies to assist in the collection and analysis of standby power data from existing and new products in order to facilitate international comparisons.


2. Compilation of measured data on standby power consumption for products from agreed sources across participating economies and selected benchmarking countries which will enable:



  • Tracking of the current and future consumption by products when in standby, and the aggregate associated current projected consumption at the national/international level;
  • Tracking of the impact of policy actions on standby within the marketplace.



3. Development of practical policy approaches that may enable effective management of standby power in globally and locally traded products. 


An agreed analysis methodology for evaluation of standby power will be a key deliverable from the Standby Annex and this will be developed in consultation with the 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex. It is noted that a wide range of data sources could be used within this Annex including commercial data sources, manufacturer declared data, laboratory measurements, self collected data and regulatory databases.


The Standby Annex will work closely with the 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex to ensure that actions are coordinated and that duplication of effort is avoided as far as possible.








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