About IEA 4E

The IEA Implementing Agreement on Efficiency Electrical End Use Equipment (4E) was formed in March 2008 to provide a forum for countries and other stakeholders to:

    • share expertise and develop their understanding of end-use equipment and policies; and
    • facilitate coordination of international approaches in the area of efficient end-use equipment.


Participating members agree that this objective will be met through:

    • collecting and sharing information on end-use equipment technologies and programmes; and
    • pooling resources for agreed projects and tasks.


Currently, four Annexes have been formally established:

i)   Mapping and Benchmarking;

ii)  Motor Systems;

iii) Standby Power (this Annex)

iv) Solid State Lighting 


More information about the IEA Implementing on Efficiency Electrical End Use Equipment (4E) can be obtained from the main 4E website.


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